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Easy Into It: A life-changing experience to be present, eat mindfully, break old habits & establish new healthy rituals in 2021

With Rose & Melissa
Starts January 17th, 2021

Rose and Melissa have put together a comprehensive 4-week program to help us all "Easy Into" new habits and new healthy routines. Here's what you can expect:

Practice or Ride with us
You’ll receive (4) total yoga or spin classes PER WEEK at Soul Stretch Yoga in Westlake or Port Clinton and Soul Stretch Cycle in Port Clinton (in studio or via Zoom).  Any class, any time. The goal is to move your body for at least 30-60 minutes each and every day or several times per week.

Cut Out a Whole Category of Food that’s not serving you well….sugar, diet soda, white bread, fast food, snacks, alcohol, etc.  Replace it with five servings of fruit or veg per day. Eat Only Whole Foods for 30 Days. You’ll learn how to select and cook with clean, WHOLE, sustainable and delicious foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, meat and more.
Drink Lots of Water:  Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day.  Take your body weight divide it in two, turn it into ounces, and drink.  It’s flushing toxins, your skin will look better, and will keep you regular.
Drink Lots of Juice:  You’ll receive (2) 16 oz Cold Pressed Juices of your choice from Root to Rise Wellness Café per week.  Pick up juices in Port Clinton or Free Delivery to Westlake.

Release: You’ll learn how to break habits and let go of things weighing you down, physically and mentally.
Reset: You’ll learn how to establish NEW daily rituals including a gratitude practice.
Restore:  You’ll learn how to practice the principles of breath work and building blocks of meditation to find calm and balance

Attend (3) Meet Ups with Rose from 3pm - 4pm (via ZOOM):
January 17th (BEGIN)
January 31st (CHECK IN)
Februay 14th (MOVE ON)
*Lots of Educational Materials will be provided along the way with Twice Weekly Emails from Rose and Mel filled with wisdoms, recipes and other soul lifting takeaways to help support you on your Wellness Journey into 2021.

4-Week Program Costs: $149 includes:
16 Yoga or Spin classes  (4/week = min. $192 value)
8 Cold Pressed Juices  (2/week) = $72 value)
Group Zoom CoachingEducational Materials, More  ($50 value)
Total Value = $314; YOUR COST = $149!! (that’s more than half off!)

Sign up will be coming soon via KarmaSoft.